Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Here We Go Again...

Facebook has become my daily post of what we are up to.  I am just really having a hard time blogging these days.  Kendrick is dropping his nap and I have a huge book project that I'd like to finish before school and BSF start up in the fall.  So, for posterity and my end of the year book to remind me what pictures to include, here's the run down of where we have been and what we have done...

July 1st-Our second outdoor umbrella of the season blew over in a storm and spintered.  Returned to Costco with no worries.  They gladly accepted it.  While waiting for Dad, the boys discovered the joys of bungee cords acting like sling shots.  The flip flop was the overall favorite for catapaulting.  We will see if they take back umbrella number 3!  (I swear, the thing has a design flaw and catches the wind!)

July 3rd-  We had our college friends, Renee and Kristin over and were overwhelmed with guns, swords, and wrestling.  Boys.  5 of them. 

July 4th and 5th-We had all of the Dallas area Hills over for Grandmama's birthday.  For some reason the camera didn't come out and the only pic I got was of her breakfast.  She always elludes the camera, but then again, I'm sure she didn't want to be seen in her nightgown with breadkfast in bed. 

July 9th-11th- We headed down to Houston just beacuse.  It had been a year since we had made the trek and thought it was time to reconnect.  On our way out of town, with my cows popping out of the sunroof in the drive through, we stopped by Chick-Fil-A, since it was cow appreciation day.  We got our free chicken biscuits and hit the road. 
We swung by Stephen's office first and said hi.  Next up was our old 'hood.  It was so good to see these faces of friends we have truly missed.  I have nothing like them in my neighborhood and it is sorely missed.  Our kids miss the interaction as well.  

We spent the rest of the weekend with Anna, Mark and Walker catching up and looking forward to J.P.'s entrance into this world.  Unfortunately it didn't happen during the weeknd, but Anna was a sure trooper keeping up with us all. 

On the way home, we stopped by Wheelock, TX for an adventure.  The kids were asleep for most of the drive, but I know that once they woke up and we were on a dirt road, Cavett might remember it later. 

It's one of those crazy Dadoo moments when he throws everyone into the car and starts driving.  When he finally arrives at the destination, it's a tree in the middle of no where, but it has significance. 

When we got out, it was two houses--a log cabin (1836) and a large white house(1845).  It was the Cavitt homestead settled in 1835.  I had originally wanted to see the cemetery which is behind the house to confirm some dates for my genealogy book, but there were gates and "No Trespassing" signs.  Turns out a couple from Dallas who is related distantly just bought the place and is in the process of restoring it.  He said the cememtery is too overgrown and he sees snakes everyday.  We exchanged information and emails and hopefully we will get an invitation back one day. 

July 13th-We have finally finished our 7 swim lessons (interrupted by rain, toes and messed up schedules) and our teacher invited us to the Natatorium to see if Cavett could swim the length of the pool.  He did so with ease and vigor!  8 laps and could have kept going!  I was so proud.  I think we have a sport for him!  He'll start stoke clinic in the spring and then do swim team next summer. 

The summer is nearly over.  Just a little over a month left and the next two weeks are pretty full with a wedding in Shreveport, a dental (parent-only) trip to Boston, trips to and from Grand Saline for the kids, and Chicago Heizers (Hills) coming to visit.  Before we  know it August 23rd will be here! 

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