Friday, July 23, 2010

Our Wedding of the Summer

The only wedding we had this summer took us back to Shreveport to my sister's sister-in-laws wedding.    I helped throw the Bridesmaid's luncheon with the help of my Mom and sisters at Sue-Sue's house. 

Everything about it was beautiful and perfect.  The cake, the flowers, the home, the people.  The actual ceremony was stunning.  Check out Candace's blog for that.  Kate, may you have a long and wonderful marriage!  (And don't forget Stephen's grandmother's advise)  ;)

WRC's house on Olive Street.
WECB-PMB,Jr. house on Linden
In addition to throwing the Bridesmaid party on Friday, we were able to squeeze in some great times in the 'Port.  Of course there was Superior and Monjunis to eat, but we also took the kids on a historical Shreveport tour, going by the house of my great-great grandfather, William Rufus Cavett and the house of his daughter, Willie Eleanor Cavett and several cemeteries, explored Centenary's campus and made a fire station visit. 

We finally made our first trip to Sci-Port with our cousins and Amber and Jonny, finishing it off racing an extremely strong storm to Chick-Fil-A. 

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Charles said...

I happened across your blog when I was doing a quick google of some family names, and saw you were into genealogy too. Though I don't know how far separated, I'm apparently your cousin - William Rufus Cavett was my great grandfather (his daughter Melita was my father's mother). So I just wanted to say hello!

- Charles Sheard