Friday, July 23, 2010

The Original Tea Party

This year's IACA meeting took us to Boston.  We didn't feel like the kids would be old enough to get much out of it, so I flew up with Stephen on Tuesday and came back on Thursday.  It was a quick trip, but I'm so glad I did it.  I had never been to Boston, or anywhere up North (other than Washington, D.C.)  that brought the American Revolution to life for me.  It was really an interesting city with so much history.

I had bought the book "John, Paul, George and Ben" for Cavett in February last year around President's Day and thought I'd introduce a little history.  He loves the book and even quotes the Ben Franklin quotes like, "Three can keep a secret if two of them are dead."  So, when I told him that I would be going to see Paul Reeve's house and the church where he rang the bells, he became very interested.  I promised to show him all the pictures. 

I came back with a couple of other books for them.  One was "Colonial Voices" by Kay Winters.  I didn't read the whole thing at the store, but I came home and read it to them and loved it!  It's about a little boy, Ethan, who works for the printer and takes the news all over town about the original Tea Party happening that evening. On the second reading, I asked Cavett to label each person in the story as to whether they were a Loyalist or a Patriot.  Highly recommened book. 

As an added bonus, I got to spend the afternoon on Wednesday with my college music buddy, Lynd Matt.  He showed me around town some more and we hung out at the Boston Gardens and on top of the Prudential Building.

I would definitely have to say though that the IACA meeting dinners were incredible and stunning.  The first night we boarded buses not knowing where we were going.  I didn't figure I needed to haul the big camera around so I left it at the hotel.  Shame on me!!!! With a police escort we ended up at the JFK library at the University of Massachusetts.  Greeted by bagpippers, we watched the sailboats on the veranda as the sun set.  We got a private tour of the museum and had dinner in the atrium.  Pretty spectacular and impressive!

The second night didn't disappoint either.  What it lacked in terms of history from the first night, totally made up for it in the food.  We headed to the aquarium.  Again, completely private tour of the aquarium, with 80 penguins, 2 sharks, a giant sea turtle and countless fish.  Again, no camera.  Bummer.  Dinner was outside in a tent, but the temperature was perfect for all you can eat LOBSTER!!!!  Yum!!!!

We are all really looking forward to next year's trip to San Diego.  We are even thinking about renting an RV for the drive there through the Grand Canyon and Joshua Tree National Parks and then flying home after visiting the beach, LegoLand and Sea World. 

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Anonymous said...

Fun times! I remember Dad and i rode one of those swans in the park and then he took a pictureof Jonny and me at Cheer's.