Monday, May 17, 2010


This weekend was Girl's Weekend.  A few months ago, one of my college buddies, Paula decided that since we had no more weddings to get together for, we should have a girl's weekend.  We orchestrated a way to share the cost and that we would rotate who would plan each year.  This first year, Renee and I co-hosted.  I provided the spot and Renee handled the finances.  It was THE. BEST. WEEKEND. EVER!!!

We stayed at Casa De Las Colinas, a.k.a. my house and I prayed about the weather for a month and watched the 10 day forcast constantly.  I was really worried about the rain.  But, it didn't put too much of a damper on the weekend.  Paula and Kristin's flights were delayed, but it all worked out and we were still able to get to dinner at Stephen Pyle's on Friday night. 

Saturday was filled with Sliver Service breakfast,  manicure/pedicures, outlet shopping, hot tub relaxing, steakhouse dinner, Renee's tambourine shaking, an Elvis impersonator, a band singing "Happy Birthday" to Adrianne who said her name was Jennifer, Kristin's Karaoke with Big Tex and the smoking bull.  I just don't think we could have squeezed anything else into the day!  Paula and Anna were real troopers carrying their little ones inside. 

Sunday consisted of Brunch at Blue Mesa and lounging in the pool the rest of the day until the boys came and disrupted the calm. 

These women mean the world to me.  They have known me for just a few months shy of half of my life. All but 1 I have lived with.  They have completely put up with me and all my quirks and antics.  We have been there for each other and have been there to laugh, cry, stand by them as they married, support them through pregnancy, and have playdates with our children.  I hope that 40 years down the road we are continuing to do the same as well as share pictures of our grand-children.  We are mothers and wives to 17 boys and 1 baby girl.  We needed this time.  Time to reflect, to remember and to reconnect.  Each of these girls were and are in my life for a purpose and I love them all dearly.  Thank you for such a great weekend.

And I guess I have to say that it is all due to Will K. Andress, the past director of the Centenary College Choir.  With God's help, he hand picked my best friends forever. 

He gave me Kristin first as my first college dorm roommate and fellow flute player who showed me the love of "randomness and silly." 

He gave me Renee who blew me away with her talent who showed me the meaning of hard work . 

He gave me Paula who showed me the love and dedication of a true friend. 

He gave me Anna who showed me great humble-ness, even when I had previously wrongly pegged her for something different. 

He gave me Adrianne with her amazing voice who has been a blessing for me and my entire family for the past 11 years having gone through dental school with her husband and "our boy" Trumon.       

The thing is these are only 5 of many more from college.  There were others missed this weekend.  If I didn't care about my education, I at least made friends that pass the test of time.  Money and loans well-spent.  I feel truly blessed to have so many long-time and dear friends.  I love each and every one of you! 

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