Monday, May 17, 2010

Friends Near and Far

This was the name of Cavett's Spring Musical at school on Friday.  He has been practicing all semester and has been carrying around a little piece of paper with some of the words to one of the songs for the past few weeks.  Earlier in the week, he made a special point to clarify that our whole family should be there--not just me, but Daddy and Kendrick too.  I reassured him that that would be the case.

We staked out the sanctuary about 45 minutes before the program so that we would have prime seating.  Kendrick really waited very patiently.  Cavett paraded in and sang soulfully songs from around the world--Edelweisse, La Cucaracha, Frere Jacques, This Land is Your Land, He's Got the Whole World in His Hands, and ended with We Are the World.

His words, "I sang my heart out!"  And yes he did.  Watch out Centenary College Choir--he already has the bow down (when no one was instructed to bow, he was the lone bow-er).  I even got a few winks.  It's our special way of acknowledging each other from stage to audience.  I was a proud Momma and glad that I could be there to support him. 


Candace said...

Love the wink!

Amber said...

I was gonna say the exact same thing as Candace! I also think purple is a good color for Cavett :)