Sunday, May 9, 2010

Highlights from the Week

I know I haven't been posting lately.  I just didn't have the free time and I just wasn't pulling out my little camera.  I've been spoiled by Stephen's work camera and I can just see such a difference in the quality, that tend not to take pictures with my little one.  But, maybe that will change now.

Monday we were given the most gorgeous full double rainbow at 8:00 pm.  After we had put the kids to bed, we headed back to the living room and noticed it in awe and decided we had to get the kids back out of bed to witness it.  Kendrick has been wanting to draw rainbows ever since.

Tuesday is usually my "clean the house day."  But, we threw caution to the wind with a small hint from my boys, packed a lunch and headed to our new favorite park that is near Cavett's new Kindergarden school.  There we made a new friend and hung out until naptime. 

This Mother's Day was the greatest of greats!  My boys are super sweet and incredible!
  • I received sweet cards that my kids made at school saying things like "My mom is 25 years old.  She looks the prettiest when she is getting ready for church. I love you." 
  • I enjoyed so many hugs and kisses from all three of my men. 
  • I was woken up by my boys with a breakfast in bed, even if it was a protein shake (I asked for it.) 
  • My Mom was able to join us for most of the weekend and she even braved a class at the gym with me. 
  • We ate a great Sunday lunch at home off my great-great grandmother's china and use the silver of Stephen's grandmother. 
  • I played countless games of Sorry (an all time favorite of mine), Chess and Beatles Rockband. 
  • I was wished greetings from many folks.
  • And, my gift was a housekeeper to come once a week!  Hallelujah!
From here until the end of the summer, there will be much hostessing.  College girls weekend, Memorial Day get-togethers, a baby shower, and friends and family visiting.  Bring on summer!

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Allison said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!