Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Kendrick is a pure joy.  He's fun to watch, he's fun to play with, and he somehow, always makes me laugh even if I should be upset sometimes. 

The past two nights have been beautiful and we have eaten outside.  On Monday after Kendrick finished his dinner, he began walking around the edge of the pool.  (Ok, insert your "OMG-you don't have a net or guard on your pool, how could you dare, kind of comment here".  Thanks, I'm over it. Moving on.)  So, anyway, he was exploring as we have been doing all winter, teaching him about respect for the pool.   This time we had the fountains on.  We let him play in it like it was a splash park.  It was the funniest thing and he was loving every minute of it. 

At the end he realized that he could make foot and hand prints just like at his "Little Gym" that shows him where to put his hands and feet for rolls and such.  After one forward roll on the hard stone, he decided maybe that wasn't the best place to do that.

Love that kiddo! 

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