Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Behavior Adjustment

This weekend one of my dear friends, Adrianne gave me a book.  This is the second book she has given me and I think that God  tells her exactly what book I need at the very point I need it.  Love her for that!   

This one is called The Well-Versed Family by Caroline Boykin.  I'm on page 37, so I haven't even barely scratched the surface of how she does it, but I already took her very first example and used it. 

You see I have become very inconsistent with discipline.  I think if I were to correct every single thing every single time with a time out, I would be going nuts.  I have gotten a little lazy.  But, yesterday when Cavett didn't want to play nicely with others I removed him from the situation and we went to have a talk in his room.  Just going to his room with him was a huge help.  We talked about the problem and found a bible verse that talks about how Jesus wants us to behave.  We memorized it together. 

John 13:34- "This is my new commandment: Love one another.  Just as I have loved you, you love each other."   

It worked perfectly, he went back and played cooperatively with his brother. 

Having been to the BSF Children's training Monday, next I emplimented the BSF version of "time-out," although I still call it time out.  Kendrick was jumping on our new outdoor furniture and I told him not to do it again.  He did and he sat in time out.  We prayed and asked God to forgive him and to help him obey Mommy and ultimately God.  He had a look like "What is happening?  This is new.  We don't ususally do this right now."  Again, he acted like he was going to do it, I shot him a look and it the bahavior was corrected. 

I am loving these new strategies and intend on continuing them and what better way to inscribe God's word on their hearts and let them know they can talk to God anytime.

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Candace said...

That is a really profound lesson to teach children- to run to God when you've disobeyed instead of running from Him. Wow. Thanks for sharing.