Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Beginnings

Monday's post was a bit of a downer. Sorry for that. I just needed to vent and I also came to realize it was really our last day of summer, because yesterday our scheudules began.

Soccer practice was that evening at 5:30. It was a haphazard beginning without really any introduction to the parents, but then again I was only there for 30 minutes until Stephen arrived. I had to leave to get to Parent Orientation at the kids pre-school.

I was a bit aprehensive about this; it is kind of like going to lunch in the cafeteria at your new high school and you don't know anyone or where you should sit. But, I went ahead and sat in the 3rd row near the center. I located my sister's sister in law and waved. She came over and chatted and I felt a little better. Now, onto the presentation....

I was dumbfounded. Really? Seriously? It started out with a video of their goals. Fine, but don't you think I would have already researched that? My kids are enrolled. You don't need to convince me now. Then the director basically went over the school handbook with a power point. I can read and could have done this at home. I know, I know. I have been a teacher. Parents don't always read and they just sign away. But still, it was a waste of my time. After 45 minutes of that we were sent to break away groups according to our children's age.

There was one of me and two classes to go to. I began in Kendrick's class because I thought there might be more details that I needed. Cavett has been there, done that for 2 years now and surely we can wing it. I sat down at the very back in case I needed to slip out and move to the next class. I felt like I was in pre-k. They went over the same stuff we had just heard in the main room with a few more details. At one point, parents started asking questions about potty training and I though, "Am I in a parenting class?" This went on for over an hour. I am sure there are some parents in there that this is their first time to put their child in a class. That is fine and I let the "kiss and leave" lecture that went on and on go in one ear and out the other. I am positive that this teacher is very qualified and will be a great teacher for Kendrick, but as a parent I would have hoped to be treated a bit differently.

I ran into Cavett's room hoping to catch something, but they had already dismissed and were milling about meeting the teacher. I stood in line awhile waiting and finally talked to one of them. She was so wonderful and made me feel welcome. I ran back to Kendrick's class and waited a bit more and finally they passed out the packets of information I had come for. Next year I will be skipping this portion.

Now, here is the craziness! When people talk about the differences between these two Texas cities they say that "Dallas is more up-tight and Houston is more laid back." I completely get it. There are lots of rules and regulations here and you must do everything by the book. Here is the list of things I was told I had to have by Friday for Cavett and next week for Kendrick.

  • Blue and red vinyl rest mat
  • Nap mat to put over the rest mat for Kendrick
  • Towel to go over the rest mat for Cavett
  • Change of clothes
  • Tote bag (Highly recommended to buy the one they were selling, backpacks or anything with zippers-not allowed.)
  • 4 diapers for Kendrick with name (If pull-ups, must be velcro)
  • Lunch must be peanut free and if it is questionable, must have the nutritional label

All of this must be brought back and forth each day. Nothing is to be left at school. I commented to Stephen when I got home that I was surprised that they didn't make us have a certain lunch box. Well, I spoke to soon. At meet the teacher today, they gave us just that for Kendrick.

We will have a good year and I know for a fact that this school will be better than the last. I just need to get used to all the do's and don'ts of school life. It's always been me making the rules. Now it is time for me to be the parent.

Meeting the teachers with the kids went very well today. Cavett's was first at 9:00 and he loved playing with the magnetic trucks. (Mrs. Bartolone first, Mrs. Carnline second) By the end of the time he had used every piece and was very proud of himself pulling the teachers over to see. I mentioned to them that he would be their talker and make sure that he raises his hand. He piped in that he had lots of questions! I was surprised at how many kids were in the class-19! I am doing the Christmas party and bringing homemade play-dough in February. We met and talked with several--Phillip, Andrew, Sophia, Brandon, and Bela.

Kendrick's time was at 11:15 so we had time between to go to Target and get Cavett a special nap towel. Kendrick's was a bit more harried. I was trying to make sure he played nicely and didn't bite anyone. I signed up to bring homemade play-dough for October and do his Valentine's Day Party, as well as his first day they will be celebrating his birthday.
(Ms. Pam pictured, other teacher Ms. Carmela which is also Cavett's Spanish teacher on Fridays)

Another note-yes, you noticed correctly. I have to bring homemade play-dough. Nevermind that we can't bring anything homemade for snacks or treats for fear of cross-contamination in our own kitchens, but we can make play-dough. No cut out cookies, no special cakes, nothing. Store bought yuckiness. It kills the baker in me to spend money on something half as cute and that doesn't taste as good. Ugh. But, I'll suck it up. It's about the kids, not me. (I'm noticing a theme here...)

As I said, Cavett will begin on Friday and Kendrick the following Wednesday. I am so excited for them (and for me.) But at the same time, I can't believe that this is Cavett's last year in pre-school. It just can't be that he will be in Kindergarden next year. It goes slow, but so fast at the same time.

So, we are off now. We must head to the embroiderer to get the towel, the nap mat, the tote bags all labeled with names. Tomorrow's post--pool update!


Allison said...

I have an extra rest mat, that I don't mind giving you! Email me if you want it.

Tami said...

Wow - that's a lot of rules. And you can't leave the stuff there? Seriously? That's crazy. We can't bring homemade treats here in Nebraska either. Well, not in this city school anyway and it drives me nuts.