Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Looooonnnngg Weekend

This past Labor Day weekend began on Thursday now that Stephen "works" only Monday through Wednesday. That day we woke up later and had breakfast together and then went about the normal day business, but that afternoon we had a family playdate with the Davis'. We met at Going Bonkers and watched the kids and Daddies have fun climbing through the mazes. We topped of the night at a local Mexican restaurant. Couldn't ask for much more fun!

Friday was Cavett's first day of school. He was very excited and was raring to go. We dropped him off, ran errands associated with the pool and then picked him up without a hitch. He said he liked his teachers and friends and that playing outside on the playground was the best. For what child is it not? When I did pick him up the teacher kinda leaned in and said, "He's really smart..." in that not really excited way. It could have either been construde as in awe or "he's gonna keep me on my toes" kind of way. I'll chose the first, but I know what they mean. He is smart, what can I say.

Saturday after settling all the workers in the back yard, we headed to Grand Saline as you can see from the previous posts.

Monday we took a family bike ride on the City of Allen trails that run through Twin Creeks. I am just loving these! It was beautiful and a good ride. If only they could finish these trails up and interconnect them all. We had great fun at a park with a picnic at the end of the ride. But, it was finally too hot to keep it up and naps followed. That afternoon we were invited to a pool party in Lewisville by some new friends. We wore the kids out completely and so can't wait till ours is finished.

Speaking of....the deck concrete was poured today and we should have plaster by the end of the week. I'll spend my "ME" time tomorrow while the kids are at school going to get the last of the pavers for the coping and choosing the plaster color. Trying to decide between a white plaster with blue flecks, a blue plaster with flecks of brown, black and blue or one called grenedine grey--blueish grey plaster with blue, grey and black flecks. With all the light coping and sides, we are thinking that darker may be better and keep it warmer longer. Opinions? Click here for pics...

To come tomorrow.....Kendrick's first day of school!!!!!!

P.S.--Having trouble posting pics, so most likely you will get them in a separate post. Sorry.


wfiey said...

Cavett's teacher is pretty smart to notice how smart HE is...hope she is up for the challenge!

Anonymous said...

oh, oh, how did that "wfiey" username come up?? It's me BRENDA FALCONE!