Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Birthday Weekend

This past Friday was my 35 birthday. I feel it. I'm no spring chicken anymore. Oh well, there is worse, I suppose. Friday evening both my sisters, my brother, my sister-in-law and my Mom came in town. I'd like to say that it was for my birthday that day, but it was a coincidence. It was actually for my cousin, Katie's wedding on Saturday. But, it was still a good time.

We put the kids to bed Friday and had a very nice sit down, lounge around the table kind of meal. (Sorry, Candace). Saturday the sisters went for a run and I did circles around them on my bike. Unfortunately, it was fairly misty, so it was pretty icky. Brunch followed at Cafe Brazil--must be the best breakfast and coffee in Dallas! We dressed and headed to Fort Worth for the wedding at TCU leaving Stephen at home with two little boys-one of whom (Kendrick)threw up all over me before I jumped in the shower. At least it was before the shower.

It was a beautiful wedding-short and sweet. Katie was stunning and we were so glad that we could all be there to support her. The most fun part of it was that Cavett got to meet another relative that shares his name! They were both named for my great-grandmother's side of the family. Cavett was the surname. Mom, Candace and I ended up coordinating with black and white again. Funny thing is that the wedding was black and white too! The ride back home provided less than desirable--my attitude, driving in the rain, and a sick little one at home that I was wanting to get back to. The evening was all football and a train birthday cake which Kendrick shared with his 3 other boy cousins his age-Zeke and William. Even though he was sick, I couldn't spare him, his cake, singing, and candles! Unfortunately, we never got a picture of all the cousins together that I am aware of. Maybe that will happen when they are 9 or 10. Ha!

All in all it was a good visit with family and much needed. On the opposite side of the spectrum though, keep my grandfather in your prayers. (My sister wrote a great blog about him and Jesus. CHeck it out!) He has been in hospice for a week now and is having trouble breathing. They found a rapidly growing tumor in his frontal lobe. It may be soon. Have I mentioned before, I hate cancer?

Addendum: Granpaw went to be with Jesus at 1:30 today.


Allison said...

Jennifer, I am sooooo sorry to hear of your grandfather's passing. You and your family are in my prayers. May God's grace and comfort wash over you during this difficult time.

On a lighter note...love, love, love Cafe Brazil! It is some of the best breakfast in Dallas! And your dress is super cute!

I also hope Kendrick is feeling better.

Allison said...

Oh, and I almost forgot...Happy Birthday!