Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another Rainy Tuesday

After 11 days of rain with one day of reprieve stuck in, we needed an outing. We headed to Fair Park this morning to blow off some energy and to explore a new place--destination--the Dallas Children's Museum. Unfortunately, it doesn't hold a candle to the newly improved Houston version, but we still had fun. Both the boys loved the dinosaur dig. Kendrick's favorite was the water room and Cavett's was pretending like he was an ant in the ant mound. Good times.


Allison said...

Glad you guys had fun...sorry we couldn't join you. I do know that museum (I just call it the Science Museum). My kids loved it, too! Max's favorite was the hot air balloon near the stairs! Cate loved the "garden" area.

No, it doesn't hold a candle to the Houston one (as I remember the pics from your previous post), but let me tell you it is worlds better than any other museum we had in NJ!

davis family said...

The museums here are a bit of a dissapointment when compared to Houston. However, the Ft. Worth Science and Discovery Museum is scheduled to reopen in Nov. or Dec. and it should be incredible. We will have to try it out. I also want to visit the Arboretum when they get the pumpkins out, maybe we can make it a date. : )