Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve Eve and Eve Eve Eve

Friday night we dropped by Grand Saline to check on Stephen's Dad, who is recovering well, by the way. We had a quick little Christmas and Cavett and Kendrick are enjoying their new toys, especially the "Tub Trumpet." In fact, Mom might be enjoying it even more than Cavett.

Saturday we headed to Shreveport just in time to visit with Sithir. He is my college friend, Paula's son. They had a good time getting to know each other and it was an excercise in learning to share for Cavett, since Sithir is a year younger.

Sunday we had the annual Dent/Trickett/Werntz get-together complete with family portraits. Unfortunately, we didn't have any of the Trickett kids there, but hope they are all doing well, especially the newest of the bunch (Jessica which was born Dec. 28th). Later, our Dad's Mom, Memaw came over with our Aunt D.D. and Uncle Mike yesterday afternoon for a visit. Memaw always seems to inspire the thespian in all of us. Anna Grace and Cavett ended up acting out or maybe just "representing" the Chistmas story with a stuffed tiger as Jesus. See Candace's blog for video.

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