Monday, December 3, 2007

Patience and Generosity

Saturday night we had our first Christmas party of the season at a neighbor's house. There was great food and fellowship as well as a visit from Mr. Claus. In our invitation we were told to bring a wrapped $5 gift for our child to the hostess a week before the party. I did my duty and found a harmonica for Cavett.

Santa arrived and began pulling gifts out of his bag. There were probably 35 kids there all seated on the ground waiting very patiently, mine right in front. His present was so small that it slipped all the way to the bottom of the bag. Cavett sat still while every single child 's name was called, they visited with Santa and received a gift. He was the next to last name called. It was a great lesson and he loved his gift.

We also went to the store this weekend and allowed him to pick out a gift that we were going to take to church. He picked out a Hot Wheels Stunt Motorcycle for a child that "doesn't have any toys." He took it to church and willingly placed it under the Christmas Tree.

He is able to understand so much more this Christmas and I hope that I am able to teach him what Christmas is all about. It's so neat to see the Light in his life, which lights up mine too!

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