Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Day 8- Hill Family Adventure

Yesterday wore us out so we got a later start and had a big breakfast of leftovers at home.

Our plan was to hit highlights or things of the beaten path. First up was the Monument Basin hike. This was a 1 mile hike up a 750 ft. elevation.
I was a bit apprehensive at first due to walking along the river so early in the morning. This was prime bear environment.
It wasn't an easy hike but we did it and it was well worth it. We didn't pass a single solitary human the entire time,
 just one little old snake!

The basin was very cool because there was no boardwalk or barrier. We could get right up next to the chimney pot geyser! The view was spectacular as well.

We HAD to go back and have a better time at the Boiling river so we headed up to Mammoth. Along the way we stopped at the Hoodoo rocks and climbed around. This area is unlike anything else in the park.

We had a snack lunch and headed down to the river. It was so nice this time. No rain, no hail. The water level was higher due to the rain the previous day and the current was stronger too, but still the perfect mix....in spots.

Back in the car we went and headed south all the way to the trail head of Fairy Falls. We hiked about a mile and then scrambled up a hill to get an amazing view of Grand Prismatic. Of course, we stopped to draw and paint. How spectacular!

We finished our drive by catching the Black Sand Basin. Probably the favorite here was Sunset lake.
7 miles, 103 floors today! Whew!

Back to West Yellowstone for dinner at Bullwinkles!  We had such a phenomenal expolring God's playground of imagination.  Makes ya think, was the whole world like this before the fall or the flood?  I can't wait to ask Him!

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Candace said...

Very cool! Looks like an awesome trip.