Monday, August 10, 2015

Day 4- Hill Family Adventure

I was so excited for this day to astart, I just couldn't sleep. Granted, we are still on Central time but God was nudging me to spend time with Him.

I was up by about 5:30 MT. I knew what we would probably see today and I was searching the Psalms. I just couldn't get a choral version of Psalm 8 out of my head. So, I began my day. No need for more sleep.

After a hearty breakfast for the men of bacon, eggs and biscuits, we headed to Lamar Valley hoping to see a bison or two. Well, I guess we saw a hundred or two instead! It was mating season so the dancing and grunting was in full effect.

From here we headed to the Canyon area and took a hike with Park Ranger Laura. It was a 3 mile hike ending along the Yellowstone River but the first half we stopped so much and walked so slow, it left much to be desired.

Clear Lake

Lodgepole Pine

Afterward we went to Artist Point of the Lower Falls and sketched and drew. What was amazing were our different perspectives. We had several people taking our pics and commenting on our drawings.

Lower Falls, Artist's Point

Upper Falls
We went to the Northern rim afterward and had a quick lunch and hiked 600 ft. Down to the Brink of the Lower Falls. (I find that one much more fascinating!)
Brink of Lower Falls

Next we headed to Tower Falls and the Petrified tree.

Along the way we saw all these cars backed up the other way. Come to find out it was a Black Bear.  However we couldn't see him.  We passed the cars and did a 180 to see if we could see him.  As we got close, he was nowhere to be seen.  Then out of nowhere, he popped up not but 4-5 feet from our car window.  

Tower Falls was pretty unspectacular after the morning and seeing the spires in the Black Hills but there was still some spectacular geological carvings!
Tower Falls

Petrified tree

We got a preview of Mammoth and made a plan for the rest of the week.

 We got stuck in construction traffic and got a little tired of being in the car, so Stephen decides we should stop at a random side spring, Apollonopilis Spring. Everything was great until Kendrick stuck one shoe into the pond....algae and wet shoe for the rest of the day.

To finish the day, we ended with the Artist's Paint Pots. How inspiring. God has quite imagination for all that color and sound. Stephen called it the "Thermal Symphony."

We ate dinner at the Buffalo Bar. Great food and I could totally replace ground beef with Bison.

Time to get a good night's sleep.  I think we wore them out!

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