Monday, August 10, 2015

Day 3- Hill Family Adventure

Last night was annoying. Yea we were in a legit log cabin but bugs like logs. About 3:00 am we were awoke by weird sounds. At first I thought maybe it was a mouse since we saw one on the porch. But, it was some sort of beetle we think. Sleep did not come easy with the sounds this insect made.

As a result, we were up by 6 and in the plane by 8. We flew by Crazy Horse and Mt. Rushmore for one last view. I also convinced Stephen we should fly over the Badlands National Park. So glad we did. We decided not to go to the cheesy Wall Drug Store but we did land in Wall. I'm sure you can guess why....Kendrick.

Next we flew by Devil's Tower. It was cool, but having been on the ground next to it 25 years ago it wasn't as impressive to me.

Flying to Yellowstone was scary and I don't get scared easily. This was our first time to really fly in tall mountains. So, when the plane's wings were even with the mountain tops and I'm not tall enough to see out of the front windshield, it is a tiny bit nerve wracking!

We flew over the Yellowstone Lake, Old Faithful and Sunset Lake in Black Sand Basin.

Come to find out later, we might have been a little to low to do those things.
After getting the car and lunch, we found our condo and were quite pleased with the accommodations.  Dad got a quick nap while we played Triominos and then we headed to the grocery store to stick up for the next few days.

It was a bit too late to go to the park, but we needed to burn off some steam. We headed off on a walk into town and found the Visitors Center.

Armed with brochures and maps and Junior Park Ranger packets we headed home for a peaceful dinner of wine, steaks, and ice cream. The three major food groups, right?

Early to bed, for the bison await!

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