Friday, March 6, 2015

Ski Trip Day 1

This morning began a little too early as the boys were excited and still in Central time. That means 5:45! After countless "how much longers" we finally got out the door about 8:00 to get our tickets.

This condo is the closest ski in-ski out besides the other Breckenridge condo we were at 15 years ago, at Ski Watch off of the base of Peak 8. These type of places are key with kiddos and heavy ski gear.

The first hour was full of adjustments and trying to get used to the "feeling" of it all again. This is usually the worst hour of the trip.

By 9:30 we had found our happy place and we were in the groove. It was a gorgeous day with bright sunshine and semi-fresh powder. Kendrick was really getting daring and bobbing and weaving through the sides of runs through the trees. It was beginning to scare me.

Of course, the inevitable happens and his knee hits a tree. I really thought the trip could have been over, but we were blessed by God's protection. He was able to get up and continued skiing. He was a cautious skier for the next few hours but by 2:00, all bets were off and he had forgotten the incident.

The other unusual thing this trip was that normally I am in the lead, kids in the middle and Stephen brings up the rear. Today was the first time we let the kids lead, make that Kendrick. Unfortunately, we nearly lost him once as he turned to the left off a lift and the rest of us went right. Luckily, crisis was averted and Stephen caught him.

All in all it was a good day. You know you are busy skiing when you don't have many "on mountain" pics!

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