Friday, June 3, 2011

Kindergarten Complete

Somehow this year has flown by and my little-bitty Kindergartener is now staring down 1st grade and hoping for a really great teacher.  Although it wasn't the best of years with the best teacher in the world, Cavett made the best of it.  He made some really good friends, a sweet little girl friend, sang a solo the Thanksgiving play and learned some in the process too. 
For someone who was still trying to decide which hand to write with in August of last year, his handwriting has come along quite well and the "journal" he came home with was impressive and funny to read.  He is reading on probably a 3rd grade level and chapter books are most interesting now as well as the dictionary. 

Math is not as strong as language arts, but he is still way ahead of the curve learning some multiplication and excellent on addition and subtraction with word problems and loves patterns.

Even though he hated coloring at the beginning of the year, his drawings have come a long way and in one picture even gave some depth perception in drawing someone very small in the background kicking a ball.
His new teacher for the end of the year, Miss Merks.
Today was the classroom "awards ceremony."  Each child received two awards: one academic and one fun something.  He received a "Great Reader" Award and the "Mr. Cool" Award.  I couldn't be more proud! 
I love you, Cavett!


Allison@Slice of Heaven said...

Way to go, Cavett! You ARE pretty cool!

Candace said...

Love you Cavett! Congrats, you big 1st grader!