Monday, June 6, 2011

Car windows

Remember the old days of rolling down your car window with a handle?

This morning my window locks weren't on and the kids were messing with them. I quickly flipped the switch and got everything up. My mind drifted to my childhood in the old blue station wagon. How much harder it might have been to convince kids to roll up the windows.

I told the kids that we didn't always use a button to roll the window down and that we say "roll", because we used a handle to "roll" it down.

Cavett then said, "yea, that's because you were born in the nineteens!"

Ok, I expected the eighties or seventies. I didn't expect nineteens! But I guess it's true.

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Allison@Slice of Heaven said...

Love it! LOL.

Amanda said...

So funny! One time when I was baby sitting I had the kids in my car and I had manual windows. One of the little boys (about 8 at the time) saw it and said, "Cool! So, you, like, push this handle down and the window goes down?!" I couldn't help but laugh.