Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Look Back to Look Forward

My sweet little sister turned 30 this week and posted an incredible blog that every mother who has given or will give up a career to stay home should read.  It's a lesson that we both have learned here recently.  I just wish it would have come to me sooner. 

Check it out:  The Degenhart Family

My conviction came from Isaiah of course.

"Does the ax raise itself above the person who swings it,
or the saw boast against the one who uses it?
As if a rod were to wield the person who lifts it up,
or a club brandish the one who is not wood
!"  Isaiah 10:15

"You turn things upside down,
as if the potter were thought to be like the clay!
Shall what is formed say to the one who formed it,
“You did not make me”?
Can the pot say to the potter,
“You know nothing”?
  Isaiah 29:16

I wish my voice was as good as KK's, but I know that God gives us each special and unique gifts for a purpose.  So for now, I'll continue in my gift that is all GOD's knowing I have nothing to do with any of my success--playing song-games with kids at BSF, filling in for a choir director whose Mom is dying and teaching K-2nd graders how to lead in worship through their hymns of praise.  My success in anything is for His glory.

Thank you, KK for the reminder!

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