Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A New Tradition

This Labor Day we wanted to completely soak ourselves in family time.  Stephen will be out of town for the next two weeks, so we wanted the kids to have lots of time with him.  We decided on a morning bike ride.  Stephen downloaded the Allen trail map studied it and then let the kids look at it.  Of course, to them it was a treasure map.   In the meantime, I made banana/flaxseed muffins and Stephen sat quietly on the end of the island writing while the kids argued over the map. 

I kept looking over there thinking, "Get off your duff and help me!  Do you hear the kid asking for milk?"  After a few more minutes, I decided I'd just say, "What are you doing over there?"   

"Making a Treasure Hunt," he replied.


We packed our lunches and bicycles and headed out.  But first we had to check the mail just in case the mailman forgot and came today any way.  Low and behold our first clue. 

Clue #1:  In all the mayhem, we lost the first clue, but it said to go to the Astronaut Park and look under a trash can.  (The Space Park near Cavett's school at the head of the trail.)

Clue #2:  Through the woods and down the "Teacher's Path," look where they sit, but don't take a river bath.  (This was the Eco-trail that was next to an elementary school.)

Clue #3:  Look for a park where dogs can play.  Then turn around and on a tree I'll stay.  (Across from the dog park.) What was funny was that when they received this clue, someone with a dog walked by and Cavett asked them if they knew of a dog park nearby.  These people had no clue there were in fact two different ones up ahead. 

Clue #4:  On the next bridge where cars can go, look for a clue where the light doesn't like to go.  (In the shadows of a bridge.)

Clue #5:  Quickly, Quickly!  You are almost there.  To the closest park, ride on like a mare.  Find the place where Moms like to sit.  Your treasure is hiding under it.  (Had to look at the map and determine the closest park and find a bench.)

Treasure:  You found all the clues, so this treasure is all for you.  It is a solution for all your hard work.  You get Yoga-lution for your dessert. (Our local frozen yogurt shop.)

This man is the best!  He even made it rhyme and kept them guessing.  At this point, Cavett still doesn't even know how or who put the clues there. 

It's our new Labor Day tradition.  It's just going to have to get harder.  Geo-caching here we come! 
And if you thought that Kendrick rode in the trailer the whole way, you are wrong!


Allison said...

What fun! Super Dad, way to go on the fun treasure hunt.

Candace said...

ooooo... I love a good treasure hunt. Fun stuff.

Amber said...

Nice work! If I help out next year can I get yoga-lution too?? :)