Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Birthday Trip

Stephen had been gone for 4 days to Vegas to teach and will be gone again next week to Houston.  I missed him much over the weekend and I was so glad to get to spend the weekend with him.  We had invited several other couples, but it didn't work out for any of them.  While I missed the comradere, it was so good to reconnect with one another and just focus on us.

Much time was spent eating.  Sushi at Okada, Brunch at Black Bear Diner off the Strip and Botera Steakhouse for the actual birthday dinner.  Now some of you may really cringe at this, but I got my childhood favorite for my appetizer--Bone Marrow and Onion Jam. 

I know you are probably totally grossed out.  As a kid, my Mom would buy the roast with a bone in it for our Sunday lunch.  We would spread the marrow on a piece of bread, salt it and eat it.  YUM!  I remember "fighting" my grampa for it.  Since then, I have never seen bone in roasts at the grocery store and never seen it at a restaurant.  Happy birthday to me!!!

Then there was pool lounging, a bit of a shopping spree at H & M, trying on really expensive clothes for my friend Ainslee who interns for a designer, Victor de Souza, and of course people watching.  Vegas is THE best place for that. 

It was a great weekend and one of the best birthdays ever.  Thank you again, Stephen.  I love you!

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Allison said...

Amazing photos and it sounds like amazing food! I am sorry that I missed wishing you a happy birthday on the actual day, but it sounds like it was an amazing birthday.