Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Free Enterprise Lesson

I love this!  Cavett came up with this idea out of the blue!  He has been working hard at saving up his money to buy a Nintendo DS.  Something we would never buy him, especially at this age.  Today at lunch the conversation went like this:

Cavett:  Mommy, I want to open up a restaurant.

Mommy:  Why is that?

Cavett: Because I want to make some money to get a DS.

Moomy:  That is a great idea!  What kind of restaurant?  Is it an Italian restaurant, Mexican, Chipotle, or something like a Chick-fil-A?

Cavett:  The one like in Houston, you know with the ice cream, but not an ice cream store.

Mommy:  You mean Gringo's?

Cavett:  Yeah, that's the one. 

Dad then joins the conversation...

Dad:  So, what do you need to open the restaurant?

Cavett:  Build a building, unlock it, open it up and then there it is.

Dad:  Where are you going to get the money to build it?

Cavett:  From the bank.  I can use your money.

Mom: That's called a loan.  You borrow money from someone, but then you have to pay them back even more.  Like if I let you borrow 25 cents, you would have to pay me back 30 cents. 

Cavett:  That sounds like a good idea, I guess...

Mom:  Or you could just help me with the laundry and dishes and earn a few extra coins and keep collecting them for your DS. 

Cavett:  Alright!

It's great to see his free enterprising spirit!  I hope to nurture this, but keep the borrowing in check.  If only more would see this as the right way instead of leaning on the government to provide for them.

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