Saturday, March 13, 2010


It is a wonder, this world and how it was created.  His creations are just amazing and he is as well.  I was blessed today to see not one ultrasound, but two.  Two different babies, two different wombs, both of which will call me aunt.  He thought of it all--down to each and every eyelash.  I can't wait to meet both of these precious children of God.

In addition to human creation, I was able to dig my hands into the earth for the past two days.  It felt good to scrape it out of a hole, squeeze it and break it apart with my hands.  Adam was made of this stuff.  Awesome. 

The dirt in this neck of the woods is called caliche.  It's a mess.  When wet it is a sticky, glue-like substance.  When dry, it can be as hard as a rock.  And when tracked into my house leaves white footprints everywhere.  We had the flowerbeds made for us back in the fall, but we wanted to plant everything ourselves.  They mixed in good dirt and mulch, but as I labored with my trowel I couldn't help but worry about the rest of God's creation--the shrubs, the trees, the flowers.  How were they to grow in this "gumbo" dirt?  How were the roots going to find enough nourishment?  My mind/the Holy Spirit kept taking me to Luke 12:27.  "Consider the lilies." 

I knew this meant something and I was to discern what He was trying to tell me. 

Typically, I am not a worry-er.  I know it does no good.  One of my earliest memorized verses was "Cast all your cares on Him, for he cares for you."  But, maybe my "worry" comes in another form of second-guessing myself, being to critical/analytical or obsessing over things letting them consume me.  I'm a little "all or nothing." 

There are a couple of issues which have surfaced lately, that I will have a blog for later and that I'm not ready to talk about.  But, I guess I took my hint.   I'm going to stop second guessing, worrying about what I should have done differently or blaming myself.  I'm going to be disciplined but yet with an ease of spirit.  And, I am going to place all of my cares in His hands. 

The work is done.  I'm going to sit back and watch Him work wonders in our lives and on the branches of these little plants whose buds are just waiting to pop out at the right time. 

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If there were a "like" button here, I would press it. :) Good thoughts, sis.