Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day #2

It conitnued snowing all night.  It ended up that we had 12.5".  Just amazing.  Again, we ate breakfast and Cavett and Dad headed to Walmart for our morning happies--an inner tube and Eagle Brand Condensed Milk.  When they returned, we hurried out the door to trample the newly fallen stuff.  Our snow man was a pile and one wall of our fort had leaned ever so slightly.  But that was not our goal today.  Today was for sledding!

We have a green space in our neighborhood that has some built up hills.  We hadn't figured out why they had built these up until today.  They were perfect for sledding.  The inner tube worked perfectly!  Of course we also ate more snow and they more snowballs.
Jonny and Amber came over for a little while since their heat was out.  We had lunch, but for dessert---snow ice cream!  I mean really.  Who doesn't like Eagle Brand, Vanilla and Snow? 

For quiet time we decided to go ahead and start painting our dining room.  Cavett really wanted to help, so he stripped down and found a T-shirt that we didn't care for.  He had a great time rolling with his little roller.  At one point I loaded his loller and then made 3 swipes to get off some of the paint for him.  He took the roller from me and completed the work with out any prompting at all.  He took my 3 swipes and wrote "Mom."  Gotta love that kid!

The afternoon consisted of more sledding and meeting a few neighbors. 

Truely, I love snow.  This was a miracle and a gorgeous one at that.  God's creations never cease to amaze me.

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Candace Chaney said...

WAY fun! Love the snow fort and the snow man!