Sunday, February 7, 2010

Family Fun Saturday

During the past month, Cavett has had a time trying to stay in control, and curb the talking back.  We enlisted the help of our "Cheerful Chart" again and things seem to be much better.  As a result of him receiving 20 smiley faces, we got to go bowling.  The kids had bowled on the Wii, but never at an alley.  They had a great time and enjoyed themselves.  I captured several funny faces and was amazed at the brute strength of Kendrick.  He was picking up and hauling 12 pound balls some of the time. 

It seems that after I found the right ball, my Girl Scout bowling badge came in handy!  It also brought back great memories of Stephen driving us to our bowling class in college and my days of Middle School Choir Lock-Ins.  There is just something about a bowling alley that reeks of good times.  We should do it more often.


Allison said...

Next time you go....let us know. My kids love it, too!

KK said...

We did the same thing last week. William was way into the machine that returned the ball!

Amber said...

That first picture of Kendrick is to stinking cute! Glad yall had fun.