Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day #1

Thursday morning, we woke up to a winter wonderland.  Kendrick got up first and came running in our room shouting, "Snow!!!!"  Stephen flug open the curtains and we were blinded by the beautiful whiteness.  We gobbled up breakfast and got our gear on to go play. 

The first thing they wanted to do was eat it.  Next came the throwing and then we made a snow man.  It wasn't packing too well, but we tried.  After two attempts, we gave up.  But he was nice for awhile.  He had baseball eyes, Dad's scarf, a screwdriver nose and a dog food mouth.  Pretty random if you ask me. 

After a game of Scrabble, we headed back out.  This time the goal was a fort.  It was really packing well now and you could even roll it up like you unroll sod.  We chose a spot next to our retaining wall and had a great time together.   Snow angels completed the outdoor events. 
We warmed up with some hot chocolate with marshmallows in our Centenary mugs and watched "Bolt" as the snow continued to fall.

It was a great day!  One that I thought couldn't have been better, but wait!  The next day did!

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