Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Last Wednesday Cavett had a Mother's Day Picnic at his school. We had a grand time visiting, eating PB &J's and the kids even sang a little program for us including "You Are My Mommy" to the the tune of "You Are My Sunshine." He also gave me a picture frame with the acbsolute most adorable picture in it. Good times...

Stephen on the other hand had a rough weekend. WHile I was visiting Marion, my college friend in Virginia, he took the boys to spend the night in our new house for the first time and accomplish a few tasks. Lets suffice it to say that Kendrick's blanket was lost, nobody slept the first night and in general, Mom was missed. But I so appreciate Stephen and his hard work in trying to get it all done. He managed and was even able to get all the "honey-do's" done. I'm so very proud of him.

We rounded out the weekend with our traditional "Breakfast for Dinner" Sunday night--blueberry waffles and bacon. Yum!

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Allison said...

Looks like a great program at his school. Max's class sang "You are my Mommy" to the tune of "La Cucaracha"...a little different! I am glad you had fun with your friend. I know what it is like to not see someone and then feel as though you've never been apart!

I am getting so anxious to meet your family once you guys get here. Have a great week and happy belated Mother's Day!