Monday, November 15, 2010

Great American Peanut Butter Festival

We were headed to Grand Saline anyway this weekend, but when I found out that the first annual Peanut Butter Festival was being held there I was UBER-excited!  I teased with my dear friend, Adrianne about the whole deal, letting her know that it was not to be confused with the Peanut Festival in Grapeland, TX, of which she was the queen of one year. 

The mastermind behind the production was by Nutty's the local gormet peanut butter store on Main Street.  To be honest, it is a new store to Grand Saline, and I have yet to taste their peanut butter, but I've heard it is like no other.  When we got there, of course, they were sold out.  I hope to be hooked up with my own jar come Thanksgiving. 

For a girl who hates abhors crowds, this was the perfect one, only about 4,000 over the day as told by the GS police, but it didn't seem like that many. 

The headliner of the show was that they were trying to beat the world record of the World's Largest Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich.  The passed it with flying colors.  1,342 pounds.  710 pounds of bread with each slice being 8' X 11'.   129 pounds of jelly.  503 pounds of peanut butter.  Now, lest you worry about extravagant waste and starving people, it was also a fundraiser for the East Texas Food Bank. 

The best way to experience it is through pictures, so enjoy and come visit us next year!

Peanut Butter Pancakes
Buddy McNutty

Grand Saline HS Marching Band

Miss Texas

Peanut Butter Floats


Pet Contest with the class traveling pet, Mr. Bumbles, entered in the "Most Unusual Pet"

Top piece of bread on the move by forklift

The Peanut Butter Queen

Mr. Bumbles--winner of the Most Unusual Pet
 Maybe this medium-large sized city girl needs to move to the country...


Candace said...

So fun!!!

Jennifer said...

Brandon and I missed it because we were doing a prison ministry (which was awesome like nothing I've ever been a part of) but my kids enjoyed the festival with Mimi....thanks for the I've seen....and congrats to Mr. Bumbles!

Amber said...

Looks like tons of yummy fun! We might have to make the trip with yall next year!