Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I nice title. Oh, well....

Yesterday was a transformation day. We had our shutters hung and we hung the draperies the night before. It is amazing the difference. The unfortunate part was that in my haste to have the curtains made before we moved, I made them about 4 inches too long. I thought maybe that I might have made them long, but I thought there was more wiggle room. I also thought it was better long than too short and that is definitely true.

So, the solution was that I turned the top down 4". I may eventually take the bottom section off and shorten the burlap or just tack the overlap down and iron, but for now I am done. They are still stunning, I think.

The past two days were also very educational for Cavett thanks to Uncle John. He flew in from China on Monday and stayed with us for the night. He brought Cavett a set of "knock off" Legos that could be a battleship, helicopter and a life boat. During Kendrick's naptimes we put them together. Even though it would have been a complete challenge for him to do it alone, it was great fun to do it together and it was a great multiplication lesson. I told him we needed a certain piece, I would give it to him and tell him to count to check to see if it was what we needed. For example, we needed a 6X8. He would count it and then we would put it on and we would discuss how many dots were on the entire piece. We finished it this afternoon and I don't think BOTH of us could have been any prouder!


Allison said...

Curtains look great! Our curtains (the ones that were here when we moved in) "pool" on the ground. I am guessing they're supposed to do that!

The legos look great. Max is really into the tiny legos now,too!

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Anonymous said...

Curtains dragging the floor are an old southern symbol of wealth and status. Congratulations, you are highly affluent!