Sunday, November 18, 2007


This weekend we were blessed to have 2 out of 3 of my siblings and their husbands and children, as well as all the grandparents at our house. We enjoyed each other's company and watched the kids dance to clips of The Muppet Show on YouTube. We celebrated Thanksgiving Saturday night fitting everyone around a make-shift dining room table. I'm not sure we were ever all seated at once, but it was a good time.

The highlight of the weekend was Kendrick being baptised. Kendrick woke up this morning so happy. He was so smiley, that he couldn't even concentrate on eating breakfast. After taking family pictures, we made it to the church in time. I changed Kendrick's diaper and put on his clothes and he then proceed to explode on it, getting poop on his gown. As Uncle Jack said, "it [his baptism] will truly be a washing away of his sins." Kendrick slept soundly until Dr. Pace "sprinkled" him. He awoke with a start, but didn't really fuss. Dr. Pace held him up to the congregation and said, "This is our new son." Kendrick just looked at everyone with wide eyes. It was a beautiful moment in God's grace.

Dr. Pace gave his Thanksgiving sermon on how we should receive God's gifts to us and how we are blessed with enough. Afterwards, Ken Medema spontaneously sang a song using Kendrick as a point of reference in the song tying the sermon together. "Little Baby Kendrick" It was amazing.

We are so blessed and thankful for all God has given us--beautiful children, a caring and supportive family, food to eat, clothes to wear, a house to live in. He will always provide enough. Sometimes I even wonder if he gives us too much. In watching the movie, Pursuit of Happyness, you realize that none of that matters. Even if he didn't give us all the material things, it would be enough just to know that he gave us the best gift of all--His son.

P.S.- I've uploaded some of the pics from this weekend, but there will be many more to come on our website.

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the Chaneys said...

Great post, Jenny. And to sum it up-
Kendrick is to have a spirit of discipline in the midst of abundance.
The day was awesome, prophetic, and quite a gift.

It was a great time. Love you all!