Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Christmas Cluster

For anyone who has decorated a Christmas Tree with a 2-3 year old you know what this is. It is when every ornament you give the child is hung in the same place.

We decorated our tree last night so that we would just be able to relax after returning from our Thanksgiving travel. Cavett was very "helpful" in trying to place the bead garland. Then we let him hang a few ornaments. They were all 30" off the ground and in the front of the tree. It was precious. Watching him decide where to put each one was much better than teaching him about spacing. We will save that for another year. After he went to bed, we "re-decorated" and pulled out a few more ornaments.

We are headed to the "Big Salt" this afternoon for the rest of the Thanksgiving week. I pray you all have a blessed and safe holiday.

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Anonymous said...

I sure remember a few lessons on "spacing" . . . hee hee