Friday, July 31, 2015

Day 1 of Hill Adventure 2015

Yesterday we woke up and began our adventure to the north--South Dakota and Wyoming being our destinations. We were flying the 210 Cessna this year instead of the Mooney which is a tad faster but it still took us 5 hours.

I was worried about Kendrick flying at higher altitudes since the day before he had had a migraine and he is more susceptible to altitude sickness. We told him to drink water. Well, drink water he did. So much so, he had to pee in a barf bag! Even as we got close to our destination he had to go again.

We were able to take a quick look from the air at Mt. Rushmore.

After landing we headed to find out lodging. We rented a cabin at Blue Bell Lodge. It's a perfect location and cabin, being in the center of everything we wanted to visit. It is a cute one bedroom with a fireplace, kitchenette and bathroom.

After a quick rest and a game of Triominos, we headed to the lodge for an early dinner. Kendrick's headache was raging at this point but he finally conquer it with more water and medicine.

After dinner we headed to Mt. Rushmore via the Wildlife loop and then the Iron Moutain Highway.

Along the way we spotted rabbits, prairie dogs, burros, bison, and antelope.

Mt. Rushmore was just as impressive as it was to me 25 years ago, maybe even more since they had added the museum and such. We walked the .5 mile loop and then sat to watch the program and lighting. As we waited, we pulled out our sketch books and gave it our best.

Driving back home was so fun, comparing it to Mario Cart 8.

A day full of American Pride and travel. I can't wait to see what the rest of the week holds!

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