Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Firsts in Baseball

Opening weekend was the 10th.  The boys gave us their best poses.

That same day Kendrick had his first baseball game. (Unfortunately, Cavett had his game at the exact same time, so Stephen went to his game.) The four year old T-ball game was absolutely precious and hilarious all at once.  To see little tiny kids on that great big field not knowing which way is up is just too cute.  Kendrick was up to bat twice in the hour.  He played pitcher and "out field."  He also played sand-angel and dirt-kicker very well.  Nonetheless, he had great fun and is making new friends too. Yeah Yankees!!!!

Yesterday, Cavett had his second game of the season and it just so happened that a news reporter from Channel 8 WFAA-ABC was at the ballpark interviewing people about the proposed level 3 water restrictions and what that does to the planned games and tournaments for the fall season.  Stephen got interviewed and did a good job, although the chopped it up.

I thought I was far enough out of the background, but evidentally not.  And, Cavett is seen as the catcher in one shot (the only position he wanted to play last night, as per coach) and then the white-haired kid with no hat on at the end slapping the other team's hands.  We watched it together this morning and he thought it was cool, but I don't think he grasped that this was Dallas news and that hundereds of thousands may have seen it.  I think also, since the invention of DVR and the internet, the impact is just not the same as when I was a kid and happened to be on TV or in the newspaper.  But, all the same, it was his first TV baseball debut and they won the game 14-12 to boot!

 Way to go Red Sox!!!!

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