Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break Start

We've been in Allen for 2 years now and with a hard and fast schedule settling in, much seems mundane.  And, I don't always have the camera with me.  So, there again is my excuse for not blogging.

However, this week is different.  It's Spring Break and we have no schedule.  In fact, the school officials planned it pretty perfectly in the fact that Daylight Savings Time happened this first weekend of Spring Break.  As a result, the kids are still not on the right time and have been sleeping in to at least 8:00 every morning. 

Today, we headed to a favorite spot: the Heard Museum.  I decided to be a member again this year for the sole reason that it has reciprocity with Sci-Port in Shreveport.  It was pretty packed, but a gorgeous mid-day.  A picnic lunch was had and we ended up on the Sycamore Trail. 

To keep things interesting and focused, we had a scavenger hunt.  They were to find: a stone, two sticks, something green, white, red and black.

At the end we sat down and had a talk about what we had found and what they mean to us through God's word.

Black=sin      I John 3:5, 1 John 2:2
Two sticks=the cross      John 19:17-18
Red=blood     I Peter 1:19, Mark 14:24
Stone=the stone that was rolled away at the tomb     John 20:1-8
White=clean heart     Isaiah 1:18
Green=growing in Christ     II Peter 3:18, Eph. 4:15

I love Spring and what it symbolizes through the sacrifice of Jesus!   

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